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Censorship at Facebook of Police Abuse in Hong Kong’s Unrest

It is rumoured that Facebook and Instagram are actively deleting photos of police abuse potentially kowtowing to pressure from Beijing. Perhaps Beijing is promising to allow Facebook and Instagram to operate in China if they continue to help Beijing censor content that Beijing does not want the world to see. The below is but one.… Read More »

Tsuen Wan / Kwai Chung Protests 25 August 2019

25 August 2019 – Another weekend of protests but this time it started off at Kwai Chung Sports Ground (葵涌運動場) to Tsuen Wan Park (荃灣公園); bowing to pressure from Beijing MTR Corp decided to close down a few underground stations to make it more difficult for protesters to get to the demonstration site. This also… Read More »

Hong Kong Extradition Law 2019 Explained

The government of Hong Kong has out of the blue proposed the enactment of an extradition law. This proposed law will give China powers to extradite any person it wishes from  Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Before delving into the details of the law one should ask why such a law and why now. Is… Read More »

Seraphine Gutekunst owes HK$95,584.50 in Rental Arrears

The Swiss, generally speaking, have a reputation of honouring financial obligations; but there are occasionally a few rotten apples and Seraphine Gutekunst is one of them. She decided not to pay rent for almost half a year. Her landlord is not a well-heeled property mogul with thousands of units but instead is a single mum… Read More »

Typhoon Mangkhut | First Hand Account from Hong Kong

2 weeks on and we are still clearing up the mess from Typhoon Mangkhut. We are based in Hong Kong and have lived here for almost 2 decades and this typhoon is the most powerful and devastating one yet. The Hong Kong Observatory even gave it an unofficial T11 which was higher than the highest… Read More »

Transunion Hong Kong probably Hacked

I am very worried that Transunion Hong Kong’s site (transunion.hk) has been hacked because my original login and password no longer work and also the forgot password function does not work. After entering the correct login and password, I get this screen:- It’s quite possible that their site has been hacked since there was no… Read More »

Property Search / Property Listings Portals Comparison Hong Kong

We have been looking for a new property to move into in the next month or so; we tried to go online to do some research and to shortlist a some properties and arrange viewings during weekends. Incidentally we are based in Hong Kong. We went on SquareFoot (http://www.squarefoot.com.hk/), Spacious (http://www.spacious.hk), 28 House (https://www.28house.com) and… Read More »