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匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd) 信貸評分”極低”

匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)是一間註冊香港公司,信貸評分極低,註冊地址為: – 香港新界葵涌青山公路303號IPLACE 3樓02室 公司註冊號為2742051,於2018年9月4日註冊。 該公司的負責人是袁敬彬先生,香港身份證號碼:Y ??? 727(9) 香港九龍黃大仙上靈街33號新蒲崗廣場2座 匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)在小額錢債審裁處案件SCTC044617 / 18中損失超過10,000港元,自2018年11月以來仍未還款 任何未在90天內還清小額錢債審裁處案件的被告者都會獲得“非常差”的信貸評分。 類別:物業標籤:信貸評分 ,信用評級,Yuen King Pan,信用評級低,香港, 匯港置業地產有限公司,袁敬彬

Hong Kong Property Prices continue to Rise

Hong Kong’s Property Prices have continued to rise every month this year. 5 years ago the prices were already at levels that would unnerve even those with mild vertigo; but now the prices have gone stratospheric and if it carries on on the current trajectory it will leave earth’s atmosphere and enter space – the… Read More »

Greece Exit (Grexit) Inevitable, let us consider the aftermath

Grexit from the Euro is inevitable. Let us consider the consequences. Why is Grexit inevitable? (1) The amount of debt owed is not serviceable, no matter how much austerity, the debt far outstrips the GDP of the country. (2) By lending Greeks more money; it would be throwing good money at bad (3) The only… Read More »

KE Absolute

KE Absolute is an independent unit of Kim Eng Securities specializing in servicing hedge funds investing in Asia. It provides a range of dedicated services including absolute returns focused equity research products, execution, capital introduction, and order management technology.

Kayel Global

Kayel expanded its global sourcing coverage to include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, India, USA, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. International business culture was an early and integral part of Kayel’s approach to innovation and development.