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Ontop, 29/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong | Scam

The bar Ontop, 29/F, 18 On Lan Street is the biggest scam in Hong Kong.

I asked the sommelier to give me a bottle of good quality and good value wine and after 20 minutes he came back with 2005 Cote Rotie 2005 (les Grandes Places)….They try to charge HK$ 3,000 for the bottle.

I run several businesses and understand that we all need to make a buck but to charge HK$ 3,000 for a wine that is very pedestrian and costs less than HK$ 500 wholesale price is really dishonest.  Also, the wine was too chilled. My mistake was I  trusted the sommelier implicitly and they didn’t tell me how much it was before opening the bottle.

I asked my friend who is a restauranteur to taste the wine without telling him what it was and I asked him how much he would charge for a wine of that quality in his restaurant and he said maybe around HK$ 700.

Ontop, 18 On lan street is a scam so caveat emptor. If you are in Hong Kong avoid this bar; it is dishonest.

Wang Zhenmin’s diatribe at the FCC on 12 April, 2016

Wang Zhenmin said that the abduction of Lee Bo in Hong Kong was “an unfortunate incident” and then said that Hong Kong’s independence contravenes “one country two systems”. Could he not connect the dots and work out the the calls for Hong Kong’s independence was a consequence of the “unfortunate incident” carried out by the communist party? Could he not work out that the abduction of people without a fair trial contravenes “one country two systems”? So China wants his cake and eat it too?

If the communist party wants to talk about the “rule of law” and then China needs to first respect the rule of law and understand that abducting people is “ILLEGAL”. The Rule of Law is not frivolous and you can pick and choose when you want to obey it and when not to. It is almost like a priest telling everyone to praise the lord  to his followers when he is himself an atheist.

And lastly trying to draw some ridiculous timeline saying that under Mao it was a 30-year period of  “Rule of Politics”, under Deng it was a 30-year period of “Rule of Economics” and that under Xi it was “Rule of Law”….. Abducting people is illegal… so what sort of “Rule of Law” does Xi follow? Under Xi Jin Ping we are going back to Mao with a period of “Rule of Politics”, in fact more so a period of “Rule by suppression”.

It pains me that the Communist Party can speak such nonsense and hypocrisy and frankly until the Communist Party comes forward and apologises for the ILLEGAL abduction of Lee Bo then they are not qualified to talk about the “Rule of Law” because they don’t believe in it.









JP Kuehlwein – “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands”

Last night, we had the misfortune of attending a talk with Mr JP Kuehlwein at Orange Peel, Central ( who coined the term “Uber” brands which is supposed to mean effectively very strong brands.

He spent 90% of the talk telling us how high-end luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Chanel, Hermes, Berluti, etc. create the illusion of exclusivity that make these brands “Uber”. Like how bouncers at a club would deliberately stop some people from going into club even if they are rock stars but lets in some retard; so as to keep people guessing…. and how Berluti invites people to polish their shoes with Champagne…

He then back-pedals and says that a brand doesn’t need to be a luxury brand to be an “Uber” brand and cites “Muji” as an example of an “Uber” brand but stopped short of saying why.

Our comments are:-

– The term “Uber” brand is mis-leading as Uber is a taxi hailing app that has become very successful and to coin the term “Uber” Brand just misleads users because most of the people who attended the talk thought that he started Uber and was going to talk about it

– Mr JP Kuehlwein has worked most of his life for Proctor and Gamble and purports to know a lot about Branding but has never actually launched a brand in his entire life

– Mr JP Kuehlwein thinks that buying a US$ 30,000 car is for the masses

Here is a person who encapsulates what is wrong with this world; by writing a book that no one will read people naturally think that he has something to say and is an authority. He is talking about branding as an expert when he has never created a successful brand in his whole life. He coins the term “Uber Brand” which confuses everyone because we all know Uber is a taxi hailing app.

Our review of the talk is don’t waste your time listening to a wind bag talk absolute gibberish for an hour or so who has never taken a position in life to create something other than a book that nobody wants to read.