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Gold Hits US$ 2,000/oz Silver targeted to reach US$ 50/oz before end of 2020

Due to the reckless expansionary monetary policies of Central Bank money’s value is diminishing at a staggering rate. The Federal Reserve announced at the start of the year the “release” of US$2 trillion into the markets to help with the economy to weather the storm. It is semantics but the US$2 trillion doesn’t actually exist… Read More »

Hong Kong Government IP addresses

We’ve noticed that when the Hong Kong government sends emails they use the following servers / IP addresses. For example:- [] In fact, from looking up on – it would seem that the the government owns this block of IP addresses. – The various government offices all seem to have different… Read More »

Praying for the end of the Chinese Communist Party

All of the world’s problems are caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP); they are like a cancer on this earth;  I salute all of the students who are fighting to protect Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party are destroying Hong Kong because they have no experience… Read More »

Uber in Hong Kong

We would like all members of the government to make a public declaration on whether they own taxi licenses. Uber is operating legally and the government is trying to shut them down. Typical Hong Kong government supporting monopolies and cartels.

Hong Kong Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are 2 types of Search Engine Marketing (i) PPC [pay per click] and (ii) Organic. Organic is the preferred type because you get a much better return on investment over a period of time. If you happen to be in Hong Kong; here are a few firms that offer good SEO Services:- Hong Kong… Read More »

Greece Exit (Grexit) Inevitable, let us consider the aftermath

Grexit from the Euro is inevitable. Let us consider the consequences. Why is Grexit inevitable? (1) The amount of debt owed is not serviceable, no matter how much austerity, the debt far outstrips the GDP of the country. (2) By lending Greeks more money; it would be throwing good money at bad (3) The only… Read More »

Paypal Lowercase URL problems cancel_url + return_url

Paypal has just updated their payment gateway (at least the sandbox) which is converting all cancel_url and return_url to lowercase but not the notify_url. e.g. return_url =  => This seems to be a javascript issue on the payment completion page and only happens if you manually click on the link to return to… Read More »

Air BnB | Cannot Add Payout Method

Everything on the Air BnB website works except for the “Add Payout Method” which means you cannot get your money. I have just received a reservation and have tried to add Payout Method but have failed. I tried using Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The support have not replied to me yet; it is extremely frustrating… Read More »

Block Spying + Ads + Apple + Youtube + Microsoft through /etc/hosts

Autoupdates, spying, computer’s bandwidth being used up by applications that are copying data to some NSA cloud server is really getting to me. This is the /etc/hosts file on the Apple Mac that blocks some of the unwanted traffic:-… Read More »