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Joshua Wong Disqualified by Communist Party from Running for Election

In the eleventh hour Joshua Wong the de facto pro-democracy figure head of Hong Kong is barred from running for this year’s District Council election.

A single unknown person called the “election officer” by the name of Laura ARON can decide who can and who cannot run. Why don’t we simplify the election process and get this person to select all the district councillors instead of just disqualifying candidates that she personally doesn’t like or has been instructed by Beijing to disqualify? The basis for disqualification is because she believes that his platform is to make Hong Kong independent even though none of his campaign manifesto included independence; so what her reasoning is purely by telepathy. This is Communist China’s adherence to one country two systems; this is how the Communist Party of China operates clandestine and underhanded; this is why the whole of China should unite and we should remove the Communist Party from power; this means Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia and all of the good people of China. It is time for change; Revolution of our times. The Communist Party continues to repress its people, build concentration camps to toruture 1 million Uighur muslims without any reason other than the fact that they are muslims and control what people can and can’t see by the great firewall.

Hong Kong’s district council election is a farce; the Communist Party of China is nothing more than a Mafia organisation and Xi Jinping is turning the clock back 50 years.



Hong Kong Government IP addresses

hk government mail IP address

hk government mail IP address

We’ve noticed that when the Hong Kong government sends emails they use the following servers / IP addresses.

For example:- []

In fact, from looking up on – it would seem that the the government owns this block of IP addresses. –

The various government offices all seem to have different IP addresses provided by different suppliers <= is the department of health’s IP address.

Interestingly, virtually all Hong Kong government sites are hosted in the US on this particular IP address

Sites such as:-

Around 200 websites are hosted on this US IP address which belongs to Google (it would seem if you do a web search); so Google is hosting many of Hong Kong Government’s website.