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Online Digital Media Channels Hong Kong

I am sure there are many marketing departments in Hong Kong who are constantly in the position whereby they are given the task of pushing new products and services to an audience in Hong Kong.

Of late, digital and social media channels have been shown to deliver much success in generating leads and interest; however speaking from personal experience I think it is important to note that not all digital and social media channels work.

South China Morning Post (Online) – advertising through this newspaper doesn’t work; it is overpriced and generates very little return. The website is well-designed and developed well but I have been very disappointed with the results considering the amount of money spent.

Facebook for Business – is a joke; don’t even waste your money or time on this; we have only paid money and received no leads from their ads

Google Adwords – this is expensive but does generate some interest but the price of the campaign does depend on how competitive your industry is

Here are some channels that we think are actually useful:-

Email Marketing – This is quite useful and if you have a good list – you will find that this channel is more effective than most of the above; but it does take time and effort to build a good list. It is certainly worth the time and money investing in building your list.

Organic Search Engine Optimistation – Listing on Search engines through organic listings does take longer but is certainly more cost-effective than Google Adwords where you pay for every click made

Writing Blogs – Developing unique content and getting a following is a relatively cost-effective way to build brand awareness too