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Tajima Hong Kong

Tajima Embroidery Machines Ltd. (TEML), established in 1984, is an authorized distributor of Tajima Industries Ltd, Japan (TIL). We distributes multi-head embroidery machines in China, Hong Kong and Macau with strategic focus on offering professional services and advancing technology. In 1995, TEML got technical support and special know-how from TIL in producing the first knocked-down version of embroidery machines that are as equivalent as TIL’s models in views of standard qualities. These embroidery machines have ever received positive comments through China. In 2004, first chenille and standard embroidery mixed machines are assembled and launched. They have released customers from the limitation on import quota ever since.

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Mediaworks Asia

MediaWorks Asia Limited came into being because of need.

Asia has changed so have the needs of publishers worldwide.

With the historical “handover” of Hong Kong in summer of 1997 came the end of an era. Compounded by the financial tremors in Asia starting in August 1997, Asian business changed forever.

These market forces were the motivating factors behind the formation of MediaWorks Asia. A Hong Kong based, media sales company.

Media representative companies were plentiful. Expatriate labour was available and relatively inexpensive. Publisher’s representatives were mostly outposts of European and American media companies looking for a place to plant their flag in Asia. All this changed in the last years of the twentieth century. Business quickly dried up. Many companies went bankrupt. Tourism went from boom to bust and many of the regional currencies precipitously lost value overnight. Media representative companies closed, consolidated or sold-out and their principals left Asia.

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Capital Logistics

Today fast paced business world demands professional, reliable and experienced freight forwarders with broad local and regional knowledge and an extensive international network.

Capital Logistic & Transport Company Limited represents the BEST CHOICE for comprehensive freight forwarding services and COST EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS to logistics and supply chain challenges.

We are committed to providing VALUE-ADDED freight and logistics solutions to our customer worldwide.

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Sin Sin Villa

Our three luxurious villas are nestled into a dreamy compound surrounded by rice paddies. They are the creation of Hong Kong based designer Sin Sin in Collaboration with star-architect Gianni Francione. The beaches are close and so are temples and Bali’s stunning culture.

The three grand villas (1000 square meters and two bedrooms each) are furbished with artworks picked by the owner. They have their own private spacious pools.

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JIA Hong Kong

yoo is an international design studio dedicated to enhancing quality of life and adding value to development projects worldwide. It brings together the energy, imagination and focus of Europe’s most creative and respected property developer John Hitchcox and internationally acclaimed architect and designer, Philippe Starck. In an industry driven by convention, Yoo defies tradition to create extraordinary spaces that redefine the way we live. The shared environment within every building expresses yoo’s approach to living, a space full of individuals and ideas. Today and in the future, yoo will inspire and enable generations to explore new ideas in the creation of unique living environments.

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JIA Shanghai

JIA – Shanghai’s new truly designer-led boutique residence has just opened its doors, adding yet another facet to this vibrant city’s attractions. Set in a stunning 1920’s building in the heart of Shanghai, JIA is cool, hip, playful and intimate, offering chic yet informal environments for travellers who want to get away from predictability and convention. All you have to do is make yourself at home to enjoy – Just Style. Just Comfort. Just JIA.

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