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Hong Kong Art Gallery Association

8 July 2013 = Found an artist called Wang Keping – whose work is quite astounding. 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月11 æ—¥ : 香港景点 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月11 æ—¥ : 最近推出的 空中摄影 香港 航空服务 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月8æ—¥ 最近推出的 航空摄影 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月8æ—¥ If you are looking for Art Consulants in Hong Kong then Koru Contemporary is the defacto advisor. The Hong Kong… Read More »

Picture This Collection

The Gallery provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for browsers and shoppers from the keenest collector of antiquarian maps and vintage posters to the casual visitor looking for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Picture This was established in late 2001 and we opened our current Gallery in November 2003 and our shop in Prince’s Building in October 2006. We have established ourselves as a well known and popular shopping destination in Hong Kong.

Oi Ling Antiques

The main focus of Oi Ling Antiques is high-end Chinese antiques, including furniture, pottery, stone pieces and selected bronzes. A mixture of museum representatives, collectors, tourists and expatriates living in Hong Kong frequent the gallery because of the in-depth knowledge and expertise at their disposal combined with scientific authentication certificates.

China Bond Shop

The China Bond Shop offers the largest collection of antique Chinese bond certificates in Hong Kong. Whilst the China Bond Shop specialises in Chinese government and railway bonds we also hold other bond and share certificates in stock. Bond certificates make excellent gifts and are popular as leaving presents for friends and colleagues, especially in the finance and legal professions. You can view our collection online and then contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a viewing. If you are unable to find a particular issue you are looking for please contact us and we will try to source it for you.

Antique Authentication

Based in Hong Kong, Antique Authentication works with recognised art dealers, private collectors, major auction houses and museums.

Specialising in authenticating antiques using scientific methods, we provide thermoluminescence (TL) testing for ceramics and radiocarbon dating for objects made from organic materials such as wood, textiles, ivory, bone and lacquer.