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Censorship at Facebook of Police Abuse in Hong Kong’s Unrest

It is rumoured that Facebook and Instagram are actively deleting photos of police abuse potentially kowtowing to pressure from Beijing. Perhaps Beijing is promising to allow Facebook and Instagram to operate in China if they continue to help Beijing censor content that Beijing does not want the world to see.

The below is but one.

censored police abuse

censored police abuse

This last week (16-17 November 2019) saw some of the most violent and tense conflict between protesters and the police and the Poly Tech University in Hung Hom became a battleground between the police and the protesters.

With over 4,000 arrests made now; the Hong Kong government will now stress test the judicial system with the trials that will go ahead. With the High Court calling the Anti-Mask Law “inconsistent with the basic law” Beijing now wants to give directives to the court on how to make rulings and this will end the separation of powers.