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Joshua Wong Disqualified by Communist Party from Running for Election

In the eleventh hour Joshua Wong the de facto pro-democracy figure head of Hong Kong is barred from running for this year’s District Council election. A single unknown person called the “election officer” by the name of Laura ARON can decide who can and who cannot run. Why don’t we simplify the election process and… Read More »

Tsuen Wan / Kwai Chung Protests 25 August 2019

25 August 2019 – Another weekend of protests but this time it started off at Kwai Chung Sports Ground (葵涌運動場) to Tsuen Wan Park (荃灣公園); bowing to pressure from Beijing MTR Corp decided to close down a few underground stations to make it more difficult for protesters to get to the demonstration site. This also… Read More »

Begging Carrie Lam to Step Up | Protests 18 August 2019

Your browser does not support the video tag. Carrie Lam and the government seem to have completely buried their heads in the sand. Why can’t she just withdraw the damn extradition bill? Why is she so stubborn and irresponsible? Hong Kong is crippled every weekend by these protests. Today it was estimated that 1.7 million… Read More »

Hong Kong Extradition Law 2019 Explained

The government of Hong Kong has out of the blue proposed the enactment of an extradition law. This proposed law will give China powers to extradite any person it wishes from  Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Before delving into the details of the law one should ask why such a law and why now. Is… Read More »

Property Search / Property Listings Portals Comparison Hong Kong

We have been looking for a new property to move into in the next month or so; we tried to go online to do some research and to shortlist a some properties and arrange viewings during weekends. Incidentally we are based in Hong Kong. We went on SquareFoot (, Spacious (, 28 House ( and… Read More »

Hong Kong Property Prices continue to Rise

Hong Kong’s Property Prices have continued to rise every month this year. 5 years ago the prices were already at levels that would unnerve even those with mild vertigo; but now the prices have gone stratospheric and if it carries on on the current trajectory it will leave earth’s atmosphere and enter space – the… Read More »

Hong Kong will NEVER be a technology hub!

The main reasons why Hong Kong will NEVER be a technology hub is because:- The government has no idea what innovation and technology is The government penalises entrepreneurs with the high-admin cost and low return scheme called MPF The government technology fund is a complete waste of time I just spoke to two people… Read More »

South China Morning Post – The new Communist Party Mouthpiece

Since Jack Ma bought South China Morning Post (SCMP),  the newspaper has become a communist party mouthpiece. In response to the article:- “Beijing official sets anti-independence limits for Hong Kong as thousands march against government push to disqualify lawmakers” And the comment got censored immediately. China has absolutely no idea how to run Hong Kong,… Read More »

Wang Zhenmin’s diatribe at the FCC on 12 April, 2016

Wang Zhenmin said that the abduction of Lee Bo in Hong Kong was “an unfortunate incident” and then said that Hong Kong’s independence contravenes “one country two systems”. Could he not connect the dots and work out the the calls for Hong Kong’s independence was a consequence of the “unfortunate incident” carried out by the… Read More »