Hong Kong Express Airlines | Borderline Scam

Hong Kong Express is a budget airline that offer flights between cities in Asia; it was recently acquired by Cathay Pacific. When you go on its website https://www.hkexpress.com/ and search for a flight you will be presented some flight options that on the surface seem to be quite reasonably priced. However, remember that these prices… Read More »

Sai Kung’s Unique Geography make it an Ideal Place to live (Part 2)

This is our second article about Sai Kung Hong Kong; it’s a follow on article from:- https://lloyds.com.hk/hong-kongs-hidden-gem-sai-kung/ This article is more about some of the lesser known places within Sai Kung and some of the really unique environment that makes it an ideal place to hang your hat. Geographically it is near the sea and… Read More »

Key Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Formulas

There are so many baby formulas today that it has become extremely difficult to choose the right. In addition, every single company seems to be calling their forumlas “organic” which adds to the complication of understanding what is really natural and good for your baby. The fastest way is to ignore all of the glossy… Read More »

Jetstar has terrible customer support and loses Checked-in Bags

Jetstar has reputation of losing luggage for customers especially when transits are involved. This is definitely the first and last time we’ll be using Jetstar… especially when there weren’t that many passengers; how could they screw up? One luggage went missing during transit – this was 3 days ago and still they haven’t forwarded to… Read More »

Hong Kong’s Hidden Gem : Sai Kung

One of Hong Kong’s little unknown secrets is Sai Kung; which offers some of the most spectacular country landscape in the world. Its country park has some of the best walks and trails for all ages and experience. The preservation of the area has been done well and unlike the rest of the Hong Kong,… Read More »