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Hong Kong’s 20th year anniversary – What do the locals think?

I am writing this to give an account of how things have changed over the last 20 years since Hong Kong became part of China.

In short, from the perspective of a local, I have seen a steady decline year on year since the handover so there is nothing for me to celebrate.

  • Job Opportunities are scarcer
  • Wealth gap at an all time high
  • Zero upward-mobility socially
  • Property prices so unaffordable that first-time buyers can forget it
  • Mainlanders are taking resource from here including university places, hospital beds, etc
  • A meltdown of the rule of law with mainland agents coming to Hong Kong to abduct people (Lee Bo and the billionaire recently)
  • Erosion of our culture and values
  • Erosion of freedom of speech

The Communist Party has no experience governing an International city and they are running Hong Kong into the ground.

So for me, we should look back at how great things were 20 years ago rather than celebrate how bad things have become 20 years on.