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Seraphine Gutekunst owes HK$95,584.50 in Rental Arrears

The Swiss, generally speaking, have a reputation of honouring financial obligations; but there are occasionally a few rotten apples and Seraphine Gutekunst is one of them. She decided not to pay rent for almost half a year. Her landlord is not a well-heeled property mogul with thousands of units but instead is a single mum… Read More »

Ginger Kwan

Ultra dynamic and scintillatingly soulful, Ginger Kwan is leading the way as one of Hong Kong’s hottest singers.

Selina Chow

Happiness is built on health, wealth and hope. I shall do my utmost to strengthen these pillars of our happiness, by bringing about changes in public policies, and by giving help where it is needed. I am committed to hearing your voices and effecting change, for this is what I have done for my many years of public service, and this is what I shall continue to do. For your happiness is my satisfaction.