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Mag:net Review Hong Kong – usenet providers review site

Mag:net is a usenet providers review site based in Hong Kong. Built by the collaboration of a tech-savvy graphic design consultancy and web production company. Mag:net exists to connect equally shred urbanities out there to the brilliance and prowess of Usenet.

Until recent times. Usenet providers were only interested in serving and building US and European customer bases. Now, at long last, at least one provider is turning their focus to Asia. Giganews, for instance has just assembled their first cluster servers in Hong Kong.

So Mag:net thought it was high time to introduce this brilliant internet tool to our fellow citizens, particularly those who, like us, are based in Asia. Imagine world wide web had existed for sometime and you don’t have a clue what it’s about? Surely you don’t want to fall so far behind…

To help introduce you to the Usenet world, we’ve put together a site that offers simple, easy-to-understand advice written with a friendly, straight-to-the-point tone and manner.