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Arrest of Huawei CFO | It’s just Karma

Arrest of Huawei CFO. When the communist party abducted the bookseller Lee Bo on Hong Kong soil in 2016 they did so illegally and they kept him under arrest for months without allowing him to communicate with the outside world. Upon his release, he was so frightened by the ordeal he dared not to mention… Read More »

Transunion Hong Kong probably Hacked

I am very worried that Transunion Hong Kong’s site ( has been hacked because my original login and password no longer work and also the forgot password function does not work. After entering the correct login and password, I get this screen:- It’s quite possible that their site has been hacked since there was no… Read More »

Mid-Levels (Robinson Road + Conduit Road) – What’s it like?

Having lived on Robinson Road for the last 15 years which has served me well; I have to say it is no longer the place to be. There is so much construction there right now; it is almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. The Hong Kong Government issues licenses for the developers to… Read More »