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Typhoon Mangkhut | First Hand Account from Hong Kong

2 weeks on and we are still clearing up the mess from Typhoon Mangkhut. We are based in Hong Kong and have lived here for almost 2 decades and this typhoon is the most powerful and devastating one yet. The Hong Kong Observatory even gave it an unofficial T11 which was higher than the highest signal ever given. We live on the South side of the island which was quite badly affected and the typhoon effectively hit us head on because it was coming from the Southerly direction.

Repulse Bay Damage

Repulse Bay Damage – Belleview Drive

The reparation efforts are ongoing, I have never seen so many trees felled by a single typhoon and the whole area where we are is still to this day in a bit of a palaver. The narrow lane of Belleview Drive is just wide enough for two small cars and the accessibility by the industrialised vehicles needed for clear up is limited hence the somewhat lacklustre clean-up effort.

Damage from typhoon mangkhut

Damage from typhoon mangkhut

The above is a view looking up Belleview Drive a week after the typhoon; it is already a lot better because now you can drive through before the road was virtually blocked. Half of the beach in Deep Water Bay had moved inland and the roads were covered with a thick layer of sand which made driving difficult.

South Side Damage from typhoon mangkhut

South Side Damage from Typhoon Mangkhut – Repulse Bay

On the day of the typhoon, I tried to leave the house to assess the extent and the ferocity of the typhoon first hand but the wind was so powerful that I could barely open the front door using my full strength so I decided that it would be better to stay indoors. From inside the house you could hear the immensity of the wind beating relentlessly at the windows and hear this whirring sound; occasionally you thought the windows would crack any moment under the pressure but fortunately they held and for us we were fortunate that no damage was done to our property.

Trees Felled - Belleview Drive -  typhoon mangkhut

Trees Felled – Belleview Drive – Typhoon Mangkhut

Rubbish in front of Circle Lodge Sign Rubbish in front of Circle Lodge Sign

Rubbish in front of Circle Lodge Sign

Rubbish in front of Circle Lodge Sign

Typhoon Mangkhut - Repulsey Bay

Typhoon Mangkhut – Repulsey Bay