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Homeopathic / Natural Treatment for Ani Pruritus (Itchy Anus)

Ani Pruritus (Itchy anus) is usually caused by a fungus and can linger forever if not treated. Certain foods and drinks can exacerbate the itch and by reducing the intake of these foods one can alleviate the itch; however it will never go away unless you treat it properly. So in this article I will share with you how to permanently treat itchy anus naturally.

I’ve had this for over 15 years now and the itch always comes back and when travelling to hot places the itch returns with a vengeance. I first used some steroidal cream to treat the issue and it did work up to a point for a while but it would always come up; and because steroidal creams cannot be used on a long term basis I had to stop using it. Rubbing alcohol offered immediate relief when swabbed and applied for 15 minutes or so.

Having suffered bouts of pruritus in the most annoying place for years I finally found a natural cure that made it go away forever so I want to share with everyone what I did.

Natural Cure and Permanent Treatment for Itchy Anus

The ingredient that I discovered was Turmeric; this is the ingredient that is used in some curries and often used to marinate foods in Asia.

This is what you do:-

(1) Get Ground turmeric maybe around a tablespoon

Ground Tumeric

Ground Tumeric

(2) add just a few drops of distilled water to the Turmeric and mix until it turns into a paste; you may need to add a few more drops of water to get it into a paste

(3) Apple the paste to anus and leave it there until the next time you shower

I got relief after within 15 minutes of applying this turmeric paste normally and after repeating this procedure twice a day for a fortnight the itch just went away for good.

I hope this recipe will also work for you.