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Hong Kong Independence | Why Not?

I was never a proponent of Hong Kong independence. I think being part of China offers greater stability to Hong Kong.

However, with all of the recent political developments; with the abduction of Lee Bo the bookseller on Hong Kong soil and the abduction of the billionaire Xiao Jianhua at the Four Seasons Hotel I think we should reconsider whether the benefits outweight the drawbacks. The Communist Party stole the land from land owners in 1949 so their legitimacy to governing China is tenuous; the party is riddled with corruption and openly promotes inequality.

Hong Kong has declined with every passing year since the handover; socially mobility completely wiped out, wealth gap at an all time high, rule of law is getting eroded, the economic significance of the special administrative region ever declining. Freedom of speech is being eroded.

So, with independence, there are several issues to iron out before we tread down this path:-

1) Water supply – at the moment supplied by China at a commercially expensive rate; we should tender out this contract and re-visit whether we should buy water from other countries and have the water shipped? Desalination is another option. We should also continue to build reservoirs like the we had up until 1964.
2) Armed Forces – this could be outsourced like most things; tender out the requirements and engage the country/company that provides the best service with the lowest cost
3) Electricity – some of our power is being provided by China at the moment; we can increase production and not buy from China

The above form the problems, the below will be the fun part:-

1) Control immigration so that we do not allow 150 new immigrants from the mainland China to gain citizenship
2) Depeg from the US dollar and peg to a basket of currencies so that we can float the Hong Kong dollar freely
3) Change the political structure so that the chief executive is not being elected by an Election Committee of 1,400 cronies instead we implement universal suffrage and allow one man one vote
4) We can increase the powers of the Hong Kong Monetary Authorities to adjust interest rates based on how the economy is doing

Wouldn’t the above be great? No longer would we have to suffer the general bad manners of mainlanders; no longer would we be unable to protect our citizens; no longer would we have to waste vast sums of money building useless infrastructure projects to China that benefit only a few cadres.




Undersecretary for Education Christine Choi Yuk-lin’s Son Commits Suicide

Karma, for those who believe it, is a simple equation that explains how the universe functions – where there is cause there is effect. Each and one of us are governed by the laws of Karma.

For a mishap to happen to somebody, that person would have done something in the past to deserve it. If I dedicate my life to helping others, sharing and spreading positivity to the world good things will come back to me and the same works in reverse. When something extraordinarily good happens to a person and you attribute their success or good fortunes to the great work that they have done it is socially acceptable. However when something extraordinarily bad happens to a person and you attribute their misfortunes to bad deeds that they have must committed it is socially a taboo.

The students at Chinese University Hong Kong have expressed publicly the social taboo that should have been kept to themselves; even though what they were saying effectively implied that for such a misfortune to be bestowed upon somebody – that somebody must have committed some grievious deed to deserve such a retribution – i.e. losing a son. Regardless of what happened – only she will know what she did and it is not for outsiders to speculate.

Watch out for Silver + Gold to Shoot up | U$30/oz by end of 2017

M1 has expanded by 400% since 2008. The federal reserve along with the American bankers have effectively caused all the grief around the world; what surprises me is that not a single banker has been jailed. Such is the injustice of the world.

99% of the money that the Fed printed went to banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the usual suspects… All the fines that the federal reserve imposed on the banks over the last few years were all just a big show because the banks paid¬† them with the very printed money that the Fed had just given them…. In order for this cosy setup to continue working, an allocation of the printed money went into the manipulation of the rate of inflation. Why? Because under normal circumstances if you print money inflation goes up. So how did the Fed manipulate the rate of inflation?

The posted inflation rate in the US for 2016 was 2.1%; so how could inflation be at 2.1% when money supply had expanded by 400% over the last 9 years. Simple. The calculation for the rate of inflation is inherently flawed because it is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures the price changes of a number of goods and services bought by consumers. Unfortuatenly, this figure can be manipulated by artificially lowering the price of certain commodities so as to give people the illusion that inflation was under control.

Keeping oil and commodities like gold and silver artificially low has allowed the Fed and its cronies to continue their cosy arrangement of printing money and screwing everyone over whilst polarising the world’s wealth. In 2009, JP Morgan shorted the silver market with US$ 20 billion and suddenly a massive drop in the silver price was evidenced even though the consumption of silver remained constant throughout the period.

The recent hoolaballoo with North Korea has added a twist to the Fed’s grand plan because suddenly people are flocking to gold and silver and this is our chance (“us” the people) to take a swipe at the establishment by buying physical silver and gold so that suddenly the shorts will be caught with their pants down by precipitating a massive shortage of physical silver and gold.

If every person in China just bought 1 oz of silver; the federal reserve and the US monetary system would blow up. That is all it takes.

I will start by buying 100oz tomorrow as I see silver finising the year at US$30/oz.