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Hong Kong Art Gallery Association

8 July 2013 = Found an artist called Wang Keping – whose work is quite astounding. 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月11 æ—¥ : 香港景点 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月11 æ—¥ : 最近推出的 空中摄影 香港 航空服务 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月8æ—¥ 最近推出的 航空摄影 更新日期: 2013å¹´4月8æ—¥ If you are looking for Art Consulants in Hong Kong then Koru Contemporary is the defacto advisor. The Hong Kong… Read More »

The Cat Street Gallery

The Cat Steet Gallery in Hong Kong is committed to exhibiting the best of international contemporary and modern art by both established and emerging artists.

Sin Sin Fine Art

Sin Sin Fine Art is one of Hong Kong’s foremost galleries, showcasing international and local artists. With a strong focus on Southeast Asian contemporary art, it represents established artists and promotes upcoming talents from Hong Kong, China, USA, France, Thailand and Indonesia.

Kwai Fung Hin

Born in Hong Kong, Ms Catherine Kwai is the founder of the Kwai Fung Culture and Communications Co. Ltd. Before she started her art business, Ms Kwai served international banks and insurance companies for many years. With an enduring passion for art and experience in collecting in earlier years, in 1992, she determined to resign from the financial services and established the first member of the Kwai Fung Group – Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, which has focused on the introduction of European oil paintings and sculptures.

Koru Contemporary Art

Koru Contemporary Art, established in 2001, represents a diverse range of contemporary international artists and specializes in modern sculpture. A large selection of art featuring wood, bronze, stone, metal, glass, ceramic and mix media sculpture , fine art, painting, prints and photography, can be found in our two gallery spaces, with a combined exhibition area of over 7,500 square foot, located in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

At Koru, we are passionate about our work and welcome visitors to our galleries to look, see and discuss art and artists in general. Our philosophy is simple: Art should be accessible; the experience of collecting should bring delight and satisfaction.

Galerie Vee

Galerie Vee is recognized for playing a pioneering role internationally in raising the awareness of Contemporary Chinese sculpture using glass as a fine art medium. Contemporary Chinese glass sculpture has been exhibited in Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom, including at Sculpture and Functional Arts Expo, Chicago. Artwork is collected by important international collectors of glass sculpture, Chinese contemporary fine art and international sculpture.

Asia Portrait

Today, portraiture is flourishing in Europe and the Americas. It is a symbolization of authority, status and achievement.

It recognizes the subjects’ prestige and records the precious moments of life. Compared with the West, Asian Portraiture receives less attention though there are an enormous number of professional portraitists with our unique Asian artistic styles. “Asia Portrait” is therefore introduced by Artlinks Asia to conserve and promote our precious portraiture treasure house.

ArtLinks Asia

Art Links Asia, subsidiary of J Link Asia, is an art specialist in limited-edition art, art consultancy, artist representation and art licensing.

Committed to representing only the most distinguished contemporary artists in the world and as one of Asia’s pioneers in limited-edition art you will find only the finest art pieces through us.

Anna Ning Fine Art

Anna Ning Fine Art was founded in 2005 as an exclusive private gallery and art consultancy. The gallery is dedicated to promoting and exhibiting contemporary Chinese art by both established and emerging young artists. With her extensive experience in the contemporary art world, owner Anna Ning is able to provide not only art consultancy but personalized advice to art lovers and collectors worldwide. The gallery applies a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that the highest quality artworks from China are shown to a wider international audience.