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匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd) 信貸評分”極低”

匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)是一間註冊香港公司,信貸評分極低,註冊地址為: – 香港新界葵涌青山公路303號IPLACE 3樓02室 公司註冊號為2742051,於2018年9月4日註冊。 該公司的負責人是袁敬彬先生,香港身份證號碼:Y ??? 727(9) 香港九龍黃大仙上靈街33號新蒲崗廣場2座 匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)在小額錢債審裁處案件SCTC044617 / 18中損失超過10,000港元,自2018年11月以來仍未還款 任何未在90天內還清小額錢債審裁處案件的被告者都會獲得“非常差”的信貸評分。 類別:物業標籤:信貸評分 ,信用評級,Yuen King Pan,信用評級低,香港, 匯港置業地產有限公司,袁敬彬

Hong Kong’s 20th year anniversary – What do the locals think?

I am writing this to give an account of how things have changed over the last 20 years since Hong Kong became part of China. In short, from the perspective of a local, I have seen a steady decline year on year since the handover so there is nothing for me to celebrate. Job Opportunities… Read More »

Medical Supplies from China

Been Looking at some medical suppliers in China. This week’s special feature is a company called Commercial Agencies Ltd which was incorporated in 1966 in Hong Kong. The reason this company deserves a special feature is because it’s long history in exporting from China speaks volumes about its reliability, its corporate values and its professionalism.… Read More »

Hong Kong to Guangzhou | Guangzhou to Hong Kong Train Timetable 香港往返廣州直通火車時間表

Last Updated 16 January, 2013 Hong Kong (Hung Hom) to Dongguan (Changping) |  Dongguan (Changping) to Hong Kong (Hung Hom) 香港(紅磡)往東莞(常平) | 東莞(常平)往香港(紅磡) Hung Hom (Hong Kong) to Dongguan (Changping) 紅磡(香港)往東莞(常平) Train No. 車次 Train Schedule 時間表 Single Journey Ticket Fare 單程票價 Depart Hung Hom 紅磡開 Arrive Donnguan 到東莞 Standard Class 一等 Adult* 成人* T812 07:25… Read More »

Setting Up Business in China – A to Z

As a foreigner or a foreign company, china offers a number of business setups/entities and the three most common ones are:- (1) Representative Office (Rep Office) (2) Wholly-owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) (3) Joint Venture (JV) The simplest is the Rep Office and it can setup in 4 – 6 weeks. Many businesses first setup a… Read More »