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HSBC – Customer Service going from Bad to Worse

HSBC’s customer service in Hong Kong is going from Bad to Worse.

They call me and ask me to go for an interview because we made some instructions in the change signatories for the account; in the telecon, it was agreed that they would send me an email to confirm the location, the person whom I would meet and an exact time. After the telecon, no email was received.

I then call up their hotline the following week, I managed to speak to a customer representative after navigating through the telephone labyrinth involving the keying in of a specific sequence of numbers; this time I was smarter and asked for the person’s name and extension before talking further so that I cannot trace back to this person should they fail to deliver again.

They ask me two security questions which I could not answer off the top of my head – one was the year in which the bank account was setup. I’m sorry – I have 7 businesses with over 20 bank accounts; this particular company was incorporated in 1966 by my grandfather so how on earth am I supposed to memorise the year in which the bank account was setup.

He then promised to get his supervisor to call me and a week later I still have not heard from them.

I think instead of your “Your local bank” as a slogan a more apt slogan would be “Your worst bank”.

I am posting this up here because there is no way you can complain to HSBC and why is HKMA not doing anything about this?