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Silver Price Manipulation | 2016 Sep | Everyone should take delivery whilst they still can

The US government has been printing money willy nilly since 2008 and have expanded their balance sheet by about 4 fold; they have been getting away with this because they have been able to manipulate inflation data by artificially suppressing the price of commodities that are used to calculate inflation. Gold and Silver prices amongst a myriad of commodities are used to calculate the rate of inflation, so if the US government can suppress the prices of these commodities they can continue to print money without the supposed rate of inflation getting out of hand.

The manipulation has been carried out JP Morgan which uses the printed money to short the silver and gold markets; this has been working for the last few years but the demand for physical silver has surpassed supply that this manipulation will eventually ‘come home to roost’ and we will see a dramatic spike in Gold & Silver prices. For silver, net production a year is about 800 million ounces and net demand is about 915 million ounces for 2015 so there is a shortfall of ~115 million ounces.  Every single smart phone, tablet, computer, server, etc contains some silver and gold; and Apple alone sold about 220 million phones in the last 12 months; just consider other smartphones, devices, android phones that all contain silver and gold – the demand is very real and because of this there is not much physical silver knocking about right now.

On 2 September, 2016 when Xetra-Gold service demanded to take delivery on Gold, Deutsche Bank essentially announced that they were unable to satisfy the delivery because they don’t have the stock and as we see more investors taking delivery on physical gold & silver, we will discover that many of these institutions supposedly storing gold & silver for us having been leasing them out and they don’t have any physical stock.

For all those who own paper silver or gold, take delivery NOW before it is too late; none of these banks have any stock. JP Morgan who has bee purportedly hoarding silver has nothing in their vaults, all of it is propaganda to try to give the illusion that there is an abundance of physical stock.

Silver Prices will likely hit US$ 60 / oz by Q1 of 2017.