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Arrest of Huawei CFO | It’s just Karma

Arrest of Huawei CFO. When the communist party abducted the bookseller Lee Bo on Hong Kong soil in 2016 they did so illegally and they kept him under arrest for months without allowing him to communicate with the outside world. Upon his release, he was so frightened by the ordeal he dared not to mention a word of what happened to the media or press. It was illegal because it contravened the laws of the Hong Kong SAR, it contravened one country two systems and violated his basic rights as a human being.

Whilst the US and China are engaged in a trade war, the arrest of Huawei CFO (Meng Wanzhou) for most political observers would be throw a spanner in the recent trade ceasefire but for many in Hong Kong the arrest of Huawei CFO is seen as karma. It makes me laugh when I read this on the BBC “A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson told reporters: ‘The detention without giving any reason violates a person’s human rights.'” because it is hypocrisy in the purest form. Lee Bo the missing bookseller has  rights too no different to the CFL of Huawei so why is the detention of one a violation of human rights and not the other? Meng Wanzhou is already 100% better off than the missing bookseller; at least she’s been given legal representation – Lee Bo just disappeared from the world for a couple of months.

For many of us in Hong Kong who saw the abduction of Lee Bo as a direct affront to our legal system (yet were powerless to do anything against the violators i.e. the communist party) view the arrest of the CFO Huawei as just karma. In fact when the Chinese foreign ministry spokeperson said that the detention violates a person’s human rights I think the reporter should have responded with “when did the communist party ever respect a person’s human rights unless it was in its interest?”

So in closing, for the communist party to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end on violations of human rights I think we should extradite this miscreant to the US, lock her up for 2 months without any communication to the outside world or legal representation and then maybe release her if the powers that be feel like it. When this is done then karma would have gone the full circle.