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The decline and fall of Cathay Pacific

There is good reason why Cathay Pacific’s earnings have declined so much whilst others in the industry have seen earnings growth.

My wife and I flew to Bangkok from Hong Kong today on the CX635 flight; we booked a connecting coach to a resort area near Bangkok; this is the second such trip in the last 8 months or so. The flight was late departing by exactly the same amount of time as the last time we took the CX635 flight. The cabin crew were generally professional but the equipment and the cabin had dated fittings; none of the seats actually reclined – they just slid under. It is hard to describe what happened but it amounted to the upholstery on the seat semi-detaching from the back of the seat so that your body slid down with it – which sort of gave you the illusion that the seat was reclining.

The flight was delayed by 1 hour which meant that the coach we had booked was missed and we were in limbo for 3 hours waiting at the stuffy airport to catch the next one. The same thing happened last time because we didn’t book our coach tickets ahead of times but this time we did  but forgot to account for the delay from Cathay.

Thanks to Cathay the holiday starts off on the back foot.

We take many flights and Hong Kong Express, albeit a budget airline, is much more on-time and is much preferred.

So, this is the last time we will be taking Cathay Pacific.