Settling into Da Nang City, Vietnam

By | July 4, 2021

For those who have been to Da Nang city will know what a magical place this is. The city itself is like no other cities in Vietnam, for starters it has no traffic jams; to the east of the city is a 50km stretch of the most beautiful beach in the world and the city itself is separated by the Han river which has a number of very trendy bars and restaurants looking over it.

Here are some restaurants worth visiting in Da Nang:-

My Casa

Italian / Spanish Cuisine

Shake em Buns

Best Burgers in Da Nang

Cook Shop

Good Value Western-style cuisine

For those who are staying a little bit longer in the city and have a need to cook, a good grocery shop is MoonMilk

Good Value Grocery Shop

Hoi An which is about a 45 minute drive from Da Nang city is a great day trip destination; the place is resplendent and is definitely worth a visit if time permits. Staying overnight is highly recommended too.

This is a short video driving along the coast of Da Nang up to the lady Buddha:-

For those looking for Musical Instruments, Pianos and Grand Pianos.

Piano Shop in Da Nang

In addition to Tourism, Da Nang is fast becoming a technology hub and a number of Hi-tech outfits is growing rapidly. If you want to stay longer in this city and have programming skills then you can apply to one of the big software companies like FPT and Hodfords.

Although in the last year or so, the city has experienced a number of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreaks; the situation so far has been quite well managed and the government has been relatively successful at keeping the virus from entering the country.

Once things clear up this is definitely a city you need to travel to if you haven’t already been here.