Jetstar has terrible customer support and loses Checked-in Bags

By | June 23, 2022

Jetstar has reputation of losing luggage for customers especially when transits are involved. This is definitely the first and last time we’ll be using Jetstar… especially when there weren’t that many passengers; how could they screw up?

One luggage went missing during transit – this was 3 days ago and still they haven’t forwarded to us the luggage.

When I try to lodge a complaint on their website and after typing everything up and just logged out.

Today (23 June 2022) – 14:05 to 15:19 Vietnam Time
I called again +65 6499 9702 and spoke with Carina who was absolutely terrible. I waited 30 minutes to get connected and then she couldn’t give me any information and just replied with pre-recorded answers. After she refused to tell me her supervisor’s name she put the receiver down and just disconnected me for 15 minutes hoping that I would hang up.

I am very distressed about the telephone conversation. She was absolutely useless and was not helpful and did not try to resolve the problem. She further admitted that Jetstar did lose our baggage and was not going to take responsibility for it.

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