Arrest of Huawei CFO | It’s just Karma

Arrest of Huawei CFO. When the communist party abducted the bookseller Lee Bo on Hong Kong soil in 2016 they did so illegally and they kept him under arrest for months without allowing him to communicate with the outside world. Upon his release, he was so frightened by the ordeal he dared not to mention… Read More »

Typhoon Mangkhut | First Hand Account from Hong Kong

2 weeks on and we are still clearing up the mess from Typhoon Mangkhut. We are based in Hong Kong and have lived here for almost 2 decades and this typhoon is the most powerful and devastating one yet. The Hong Kong Observatory even gave it an unofficial T11 which was higher than the highest… Read More »

Transunion Hong Kong probably Hacked

I am very worried that Transunion Hong Kong’s site ( has been hacked because my original login and password no longer work and also the forgot password function does not work. After entering the correct login and password, I get this screen:- It’s quite possible that their site has been hacked since there was no… Read More »

Property Search / Property Listings Portals Comparison Hong Kong

We have been looking for a new property to move into in the next month or so; we tried to go online to do some research and to shortlist a some properties and arrange viewings during weekends. Incidentally we are based in Hong Kong. We went on SquareFoot (, Spacious (, 28 House ( and… Read More »

Hong Kong Property Prices continue to Rise

Hong Kong’s Property Prices have continued to rise every month this year. 5 years ago the prices were already at levels that would unnerve even those with mild vertigo; but now the prices have gone stratospheric and if it carries on on the current trajectory it will leave earth’s atmosphere and enter space – the… Read More »

Hong Kong’s 20th year anniversary – What do the locals think?

I am writing this to give an account of how things have changed over the last 20 years since Hong Kong became part of China. In short, from the perspective of a local, I have seen a steady decline year on year since the handover so there is nothing for me to celebrate. Job Opportunities… Read More »