Tsuen Wan / Kwai Chung Protests 25 August 2019

25 August 2019 – Another weekend of protests but this time it started off at Kwai Chung Sports Ground (葵涌運動場) to Tsuen Wan Park (荃灣公園); bowing to pressure from Beijing MTR Corp decided to close down a few underground stations to make it more difficult for protesters to get to the demonstration site. This also… Read More »

Begging Carrie Lam to Step Up | Protests 18 August 2019

Your browser does not support the video tag. Carrie Lam and the government seem to have completely buried their heads in the sand. Why can’t she just withdraw the damn extradition bill? Why is she so stubborn and irresponsible? Hong Kong is crippled every weekend by these protests. Today it was estimated that 1.7 million… Read More »

匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd) 信貸評分”極低”

匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)是一間註冊香港公司,信貸評分極低,註冊地址為: – 香港新界葵涌青山公路303號IPLACE 3樓02室 公司註冊號為2742051,於2018年9月4日註冊。 該公司的負責人是袁敬彬先生,香港身份證號碼:Y ??? 727(9) 香港九龍黃大仙上靈街33號新蒲崗廣場2座 匯港置業地產有限公司(Reacon Property Ltd)在小額錢債審裁處案件SCTC044617 / 18中損失超過10,000港元,自2018年11月以來仍未還款 任何未在90天內還清小額錢債審裁處案件的被告者都會獲得“非常差”的信貸評分。 類別:物業標籤:信貸評分 ,信用評級,Yuen King Pan,信用評級低,香港, 匯港置業地產有限公司,袁敬彬

Hong Kong Extradition Law 2019 Explained

The government of Hong Kong has out of the blue proposed the enactment of an extradition law. This proposed law will give China powers to extradite any person it wishes from  Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Before delving into the details of the law one should ask why such a law and why now. Is… Read More »

Reacon Property Ltd Hong Kong | Credit Rating : Very Poor

Reacon Property Ltd (匯港置業地產有限公司), which is a registered Hong Kong company, has a very low credit rating and the registered address is:- WORKSHOP 02, 3/F, IPLACE, 303 CASTLE PEAK ROAD, KWAI CHUNG, N.T., HONG KONG The company incorporation number is 2742051 and it was registered on 4 September 2018. The main director of this company… Read More »

Seraphine Gutekunst owes HK$95,584.50 in Rental Arrears

The Swiss, generally speaking, have a reputation of honouring financial obligations; but there are occasionally a few rotten apples and Seraphine Gutekunst is one of them. She decided not to pay rent for almost half a year. Her landlord is not a well-heeled property mogul with thousands of units but instead is a single mum… Read More »

Arrest of Huawei CFO | It’s just Karma

Arrest of Huawei CFO. When the communist party abducted the bookseller Lee Bo on Hong Kong soil in 2016 they did so illegally and they kept him under arrest for months without allowing him to communicate with the outside world. Upon his release, he was so frightened by the ordeal he dared not to mention… Read More »

Typhoon Mangkhut | First Hand Account from Hong Kong

2 weeks on and we are still clearing up the mess from Typhoon Mangkhut. We are based in Hong Kong and have lived here for almost 2 decades and this typhoon is the most powerful and devastating one yet. The Hong Kong Observatory even gave it an unofficial T11 which was higher than the highest… Read More »

Transunion Hong Kong probably Hacked

I am very worried that Transunion Hong Kong’s site (transunion.hk) has been hacked because my original login and password no longer work and also the forgot password function does not work. After entering the correct login and password, I get this screen:- It’s quite possible that their site has been hacked since there was no… Read More »